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Review of the week

by | Nov 30, 2017

“A Brilliant, Memorable, Heart-Touching Experience…Ben Trumble The Only Way To Do Normandy”

The trip to Normandy was not my idea but I was willing to go along with my husband and another couple. Little did I know what an important experience lay in store for me. From the moment we arrived at the Manor House I felt welcome and “at home”. Ben and Jaye are perfect hosts in their beautiful, spacious restored home that is at once comfortably modern and historically charming. Jaye is such a wonderful cook and creates relaxing atmosphere, along with the darling dog, “Saffy” and the resident chicken “Lady Mary”. Ben is the perfect historian with his amazing memory for names dates and details but even more important is his ability to invest the stories of D-Day with the magic of his storytelling. As we stood at various important sites, Ben would show us his black and white photos of how it looked in 1944, then proceed to weave a spell with his words. i could look out on the site and vividly imagine the scene coming to life before me. Meeting with Ben’s neighbor Lucien, who (like me) was a child during the war, hearing his story and seeing his memorial wall brought a deeply personal and different view of D-Day from the aspect of the civilian experience. Ben brought every site to life with his knowledge and insights. I not only learned about but also felt the events as they unfolded.
At the end of each day it was comforting to return to the fireside of Manor House to unwind and reflect. I cannot imagine any way in which this tour was not incredible. It is an experience I will never forget. And neither will you. Do this tour with Ben Trumble…you will be forever grateful that you did!