Lucien – Before Endeavours Fade

After four long years of war they came, suddenly, out of the night sky. Just after midnight on the 6th June Lucien Hasley’s parents sat at their kitchen table, flashes from exploding antiaircraft shells lighting up their home as waves of American C47 aircraft passed...

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Lucien Hasley

I had the great privilege to guide Susan Eisenhower (Granddaughter of President Dwight D Eisenhower) and her students around my bit of Normandy recently. A charming lady who at the Chateau to Bernaville spoke briefly but eloquently of her Grandfather. After a short...

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Point du Hoc

The 2nd and 5th Ranger battalions commanded by Major James Earl Rudder were tasked with scaling the cliffs of the point and destroying the guns that were thought to be there posing a threat to the landings at both Utah and Omaha beaches and the fleet offshore. An air...

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General Falley

On day one of our D Day tours we visit the site of where Lt General Wilhelm Falley, commander of the 91st Luftland division, was ambushed by 82nd airborne paratroopers early on the morning of June 6th. On that June morning in Normandy a small band of mis dropped and...

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The Garand!

Normandy during those hectic days after D Day between 6th June and late August of 1944 saw millions of tons of equipment, arms and munitions brought across the mulberry harbours and the beaches of Omaha, Utah, Sword, Gold and Juno. For decades afterwards equipment...

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