Walk With Us – In The Footsteps of Heroes

Walk the most famous and some of the almost forgotten sites of this vast D Day conflict.

Stay as guests at our timeless 16th century fortified Manoir that was itself a part of the Normandy battleground on the 6th June 1944. At the Manor we can provide accommodation for up to eight guests.

Dine with us the night before your tour begins and after breakfast prepare yourself for a day of standing in the footsteps of heroes.

Visit with our Tours the exact Normandy locations of not just the well documented D Day battles – but some of the thousands of less well known but equally bitterly contested skirmishes that took place in the first few weeks after D-Day.

See through our eyes the tragedies and successes of those first hellish days of 1944 when life itself was a tenuous day to day existence – and where comradeship was everything.

Reliving Normandy June 1944, an experience of a lifetime

From the early morning walk through the dew covered grounds surrounding the Manor, to the marvelous French breakfast (with that bread to die for!), to the days thrilling, moving and often emotional journeys through the events of D-Day, this was the one of the absolute best experiences that we’ve had in our many travels. The accommodations were worthy of a 5 star rating. Coming back to the Manor in the late afternoon to a time of relaxation and fond reminiscing of the day’s activities and excursions, followed by a delicious dinner and lively discussions around the table, made us all feel like we were at home. Ben’s knowledge goes well beyond expectations. Battle scenes came alive as he spoke to us. His explanations of the events are not just a regurgitation of facts, but a truly heartfelt encounter with a man who feels deeply about the events themselves. This is Ben’s heart - and you see/feel it at every venue visited.Thank you, Ben and Jaye, for an incredible 3 days. Words can’t describe our time with you. This was on our bucket list, and the bucket is now filled to overflowing!